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High quality and truly relevant voice interaction

A Revolution is coming and it has a Voice!

The Voice-First will be a true revolution only if your virtual assistants and voicebots are capable of high-quality and truly relevant voice interaction.

The Voice-First Revolution is permanently changing the Customer Service

The capabilities and usage of virtual assistants, conversational agents and voicebots are growing rapidly, with new products and services launched repeatedly. In this context, Voice is re-emerging as the favorite method of interaction for users.

Why? Because Voice is really the fastest, simplest, most efficient, most natural and most intuitive form of interaction. The rise of the Voice-First Revolution allows you to get more intimate with customers: voice interaction redefines not only the way we communicate with machines and other humans through machines, but also how companies and brands reach their customers through products and services.

The impact of Expressive Voices

Progress in speech recognition (converting speech into text) and natural language processing (understanding the intent of the message) has made Voice-Activated devices and Apps ubiquitous in a variety of locations (home, car, retail, public spaces). Now it is time to go one step further: devices that speak with an expressive voice and the right tone, to reflect the real intention and the context of what you want to say.

With Voxygen, Voice Assistants will speak back to the user and interact as well as a human can.