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The impact of Voice on Brands

With the rise of voice-interaction, Brand Voice is becoming increasingly strategic!

Interacting directly with a brand through Voice creates a deeper emotional connection than through type or touch. As a consequence, voice interaction has a deeper impact on the perception of the brand.

Brands need to design and develop the personality and the tone of their own voice and control efficiently the customer’s perception of what is said (and how it is said) in conversations and interactions with customers.

Customer intimacy

Brands also need to ensure that services or content can be easily accessed through voice in a simple and intuitive manner. Brands can now add voice interaction to their own devices, Apps and solutions in order to attract customers.

Brands that are able to create truly relevant interaction with the right words, tone, prosody and emotion will be able to capture the attention of their customers compared to their competitors.

Say it with an Expressive Voice

Thanks to Voxygen’s Expressive Voice technology, now you can have a personality and unique voice(s) reflecting the products and services you offer.

Voxygen creates natural and expressive voices, bringing color and personality to your contents, customizing it to your particular environment and requirements. We make sure the voices mesh with your overall communication strategy and we help you create your very own speech identity.

Long-lasting Omni-channel relationship

By synthesizing your own Voice, not only will you perpetuate and ensure your Brand Voice, but also you make your voice available on multiple channels and at each interaction with your customers: on your IVR, web sites, Apps, conversational agents and bots, interactive terminals.

Your Brand Voice is always with you and available immediately and at any time.