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Convey the right emotion in order to create social connection

Humanoid robots are genuine companions, created to improve your everyday life and interact with you naturally and intuitively through their movements and most importantly through their voice.

Because humanoid robots are here to offer assistance, to remind you of important tasks or events, to entertain or play with you, to surprise your guests or to introduce your products and services in a new light, they need to be alternatively welcoming, amusing, informing, comforting, pedagogical and always kind and delightful.

Therefore, the humanoid robots need not only to identify your emotions but also to adapt their behavior to the context. Even more importantly, they must to convey the right emotion through their voice in order to create social connection.

Enrich the identity of your humanoid robots with a distinctive and personal expressive voice that includes a wide range of styles and emotions.

With a personalized and expressive voice, your robots will be able to adapt themselves to their interlocutors and situation, and speak with the right tone thanks to their expressive power.