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Your voice, as your spokesperson, is becoming your digital brand

Top challenge facing the Travel market

Every day travelers are more demanding: they expect a fast, easy, personalized and authentic travel experience.

Travelers need updated information delivered in real time that is easy to understand at each stage of their journey: before they travel, while transiting through a terminal and once seated aboard their means of transport.

The reach of your Voice

Rethink and create consistency across the entire customer journey with real-time, contextual insight in many applications and channels: real-time announcements in public areas (such as stations and trains, airport terminals and planes, buses and coaches), special accessibility needs (ticketing kiosks, personalized travel information), and all kinds of customer-relationship media (telephony, virtual assistants, websites, mobile apps).

By defining the exact specifications of your voice, Voxygen makes sure it is warm, reassuring and perfectly understandable, even in very noisy environments.

e-Mone, the cult voice of SNCF

Voice branding is one of Voxygen’s trademark offerings, as illustrated by “e-Mone”, the digital voice of Simone that has come to embody the SNCF (French national railway company) in trains and stations across the country.

Learn more here: http://www.sncf.com/fr/identite/simone-voix-sncf