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Free Speech from screens!

Voice is the oldest form of human communication: it is naturally more intuitive and pleasant. It is easier and faster to speak to a voice assistant than type a text or a search query. Because voice is easy and natural, users and consumers embrace voice interaction quicker and more frequently than text.

Voice interaction has many benefits over text-based interaction: users are freed from the screens and will interact naturally with each other, as they don’t need to look down at the screen all the time.

The right expressivity

It is not enough to know how to pronounce a sentence with a natural voice. More importantly you need to convey, through the voice, the intent of the message. To that aim, you need to render the meaning of the text by using the adequate expressivity or emotion. The tone and the variations of timbre in the voice are essential in a true and relevant interaction with humans. Voxygen has the technology and expertise to deliver multipurpose, enriched and multi-style expressive voices adapted to your business.

The Gift of Ubiquity

Voxygen’s Expressive Voices are available on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, OS/X, Android and iOS) and perform exactly the same way on any platform: with the same high quality and multi-expressivity.

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Voxygen’s Expressive Speech solutions are multilingual, high-speed, robust and scalable (from tens to thousands of simultaneous speech interactions) They are easy to integrate through standardized interfaces (such as MRCP, HTTP) and follow industry W3C standards (SSML and PLS).

Create your own Voice

Because we know how the voice you choose affects your brand and image, Voxygen assists you in defining and implementing your Brand’s Voice strategy. Together, we can find the voice and speech pattern that suits you best. Upon request, we organize casting sessions to identify your ideal voice talent. Then we carry out test recordings to give you an accurate foretaste of how you prospective voice will render a predefined set of scenario and uses case.

Experience Guy’s Expressive Voice

Listen to Guy’s capabilities and expressivities: narrative, playful, soft, dictation, whisper, etc.

Listen here